Coffin Up

Edinburgh Fringe 2011 - UK Spring Tour 2012

The village Idiots Mask Theatre Company - Coffin Up

Coffin Up is a black comedy set in the sleepy village of Langsley Abbot, the ‘UK’s Healthiest Village 2011.’  This fast-paced, farcical comedy tells the story of a dastardly undertaker and his quest to make money by whatever means.  With mounting bills and a lack of customers can the Undertaker get enough money to keep his business afloat and fulfil his life-long fantasy? However, Doug the undertaker’s apprentice has his suspicions. 

Will he put a stop to the undertakers scheming and will he get the girl of his dreams?  A fantastical spinning, foldout set creates the backdrop for this tale of greed, deceit, pilfering, insanity, love, flamenco, theft and Morris dancers.

The Village Idiots 
are an inspired company of mask actors and theatre makers, who met and trained in a small village in Hertfordshire.  Formed in 2005 and inspired by Buster Keaton, Jacques Tati and CSI Miami (note the forensic attention to detail) they create entirely non-verbal, highly visual theatre.  They possess an innate ability to communicate heart-rending stories exploiting the frailty of the human condition with great pathos and sublime comedy.

'Coffin Up' reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe 2011...

"Superb directing... first class acting" more

star-inverted.jpgstar-inverted.jpgstar-inverted.jpgstar-inverted.jpg  British Theatre Guide
"Beautifully crafted... ingenious... slick, skilful, filled with inventiveness from a highly talented company" more

star-inverted.jpgstar-inverted.jpgstar-inverted.jpgstar-inverted.jpg  Fringe Review
"The Company's inventiveness... is a joy to behold. Fast paced, very witty... constantly engaging... Laugh out loud funny" more

star-inverted.jpgstar-inverted.jpgstar-inverted.jpgstar-inverted.jpg  Across the Arts
"Expertly directed and performed... Very Clever. Very cool." more

"Witty, wry.. Tugs at the heartstrings as quickly as it severs them... Macabre and vicious... gleeful slapstick... delicious" more

The Stage
"A physical comedy treat... laughs by the bucket-load" more

The Scotsman
"Impressive... Charming... Brilliantly expressive masks" more

Edfest Mag
"Watching new characters appear on stage brings excitement and delight, with each mask capturing their personalities flawlessly" more

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